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We are Madinaty club, located in Madinaty City, one of the projects of the Arab Company for Projects and Urban Development- Talaat Mostafa Group (TMG)


Location: Madinaty Club is located at the centre of Madinaty City having an area of around 200 acres.


Club Administrative Body:

• The Board of Directors of the company (the owner company of Madinaty City and Madinaty Club) is in the same time the board of directors for the club.

• The administrative body of the club is composed of the general manager of the club and his personal assistants (PA’s), the managing directors of departments, and all the employees (permanent- temporal- seasonal) with their different locations, specialisations and work responsibilities.

• The administration body works on the execution of the club regulations as well as all the decisions and recommendations issued by the Board of Directors. Goals: The club aims at spreading the physical, social and cultural education within its members. It also aims at ensuring a sense of belonging within the members and creating the suitable atmosphere to fill their leisure time. This is reached through providing the sportive and physical means and extending them through the preparation of the fields and maintaining them, hiring coaches and paving the way for the different sport teams. The board of directors should take all the necessary means to attain these goals, specially the execution of the following:

• Supporting the physical values and the national spirit within the members. • Organising the educational activities, national planning and the sportive and social activities.

• Establishing different sports fields, maintaining them, and paving the way for using them to practice different sports through the latest scientific advancements.

• Hiring coaches for various sports as well as workers needed for the maintenance of the fields.

• Holding matches and social events to foster the interaction and friendship within the members, and working on increasing their reading level. This is done through providing the library with encyclopaedias and cultural and literary (English and Arabic) books, holding scientific seminars, musical concerts and showing cinema movies with moral messages as well as cultural movies, in addition to other marketing and educational means. Moreover, a magazine is issued for the members, and it will propagate the club goals as well as the sport activities. It will provide a venue for the members to participate in publishing different topics.


Working Hours:

Summer working hours for the club in general are as follows:

Every day from 10 am to 12 am

Winter working hours for the club in general are as follows

Every day from 10 am to 11pm

Working Hours for Accounts department, IT department and Registrar are as follows:

Every day from 10 am to 3pm

Tuesdays are closed every week for holidays